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R3 & R4 | 2017

Regatta Status:

+ Update #1 | Dec 28th

A little more than a week until it's time to go racing, hopefully... The current ice situation is quite good with thick black ice reported from Sandviken, Hudiksvall, Falun and a few more places.

But sailable ice have a tendency to change quickly in both good and bad ways, so we are depending on a steady stream of new reports to make this event happen. All ice scouting is greatly appreciated. Please post your reports in the Facebook group or send and email to Thank you!

+ Update #2 | Jan 3rd

It's rarely easy planning a DN regatta, sometimes the weather cooporates and sometimes not so much. Lake Runn in Falun is already out because of it (wet snow + cold) and the east coast including Hudiksvall, Storsjön in Sandviken and lake Tämnaren are under threat of being hit by quite a massive snowfall the next 24 hours.

We will have to come back tomorrow with a damage report and a plan with the new situation in mind. Fingers crossed it won't be too bad!

+ Update #3 | Jan 4th

Last night's snowfall has sadly limited our options (drastically). We now only know of one potential venue where if we are a little lucky racing could be possible this weekend.

The place in mind is lake Storsjön southwest of Hudiksvall which will be checked tomorrow morning and the decision whether or not to race will be made shortly thereafter. Stay tuned!

+ Update #4 | Jan 5th

Unfortunately we haven't found a suitible venue yet. Lake Storsjön in Hudiksvall is covered by 12 cm snow and lake Skedviken in Rimbo has large areas of "double ice" and thick snow drifts.

But new ice has frozen last night and we're expecting reports from Västerås and possibly Nyköping later today. We might cancel the racing on Saturday (R3) if we only seem to get safe ice for Sunday (R4). Final decision no later than 20:00 tonight.

+ Update #5 | Jan 5th

Time is running out and we have decided to cancel R3 on Saturday due to lack of safe sailable ice.

However...we are quite optimistic about being able to succesfully organize R4 on Sunday so we ain't giving it all up just yet. New final call for R4 will be tomorrow at 16:00.

Putative venues we are looking at are Sjösafjärden in Nyköping, lake Hjälmaren close to Örebro and lake Vänern close to Karlstad.

+ Update #6 | Jan 6th

Both events cancelled due to lack of safe sailable ice and poor weatherforecast with snow and light winds.

Next event R5 & R6 2017 will be held January 21-22nd, hope we will see you then.

Over 'n out!

Entry List

Ekolns Segelklubb

Ekolns Segelklubb (Ekolns Sailing Club) is located in the city of Uppsala and as the name implies home venue is the bay of Ekoln in lake Mälaren.

Apart from an active fleet of DN:s, the club has got a strong pack of juniors in the Ice Optimist class.

More info at

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