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Swedish Championship 2014

Time Schedule

Saturday December 13

09:00 - 10:00 | Registration

10:00 | Skippers meeting

11:00 | First scheduled start

14:00 | Last scheduled start

Sunday December 14

09:00 | Skippers meeting

10:00 | First scheduled start

14:00 | Last scheduled start

15:00 | Prize giving ceremony

Venue, Weather & Ice conditions

Update #5  | 2014-12-11

  • To be allowed for the regatta registration every sailor has to pass a “Rule Test” first. The rule test consists of questions regarding the right of way rules.
    Further info in the NoR
  • The rule restricting the number of runners, sails, masts etc. will not take the equipment used in race #1 in consideration. 
  • Kompetenskrav/Tävlingslicens (Swedish)

Race is on!  | 2014-12-10

Great news, the race is on for lake Dåasen in Los! Ice is currently 12-15 cm thick with 5 cm snow on top. Weather forecast for the weekend looks good too; cold, dry and windy. Launching site will be on the beach on the southeast shore of the lake (see map). Scroll down for some accomodation info.

Update #4  | 2014-12-09

We got a new possible venue; lake Dåasen in Los, 200 km NW of Gävle. Some snowfall is expected here as well so we'll have to wait with a decision until tomorrow.

Update #3  | 2014-12-08

The ice situation is a little troublesome... Lake Näldsjön still is the only viable venue but snow is forcasted in the area during the second half of this week.

We've found ice elseware in Hudiksvall, Malmjärn and Oresjön but they are either too small or not thick enough. Final decision on wednesday.

Update #2  | 2014-12-07

As of today we only have one possible  venue for next weekend; lake Näldsjön 25 km NE of Östersund. Ice is minimum 10 cm thick covered by 1 cm of snow. Next update tomorrow.

Update #1  | 2014-03-16

Despite our exhortation for all sailors to re-enter for the continuation of the 2014 Swedish Championship only two persons have done that. Because the lack of interest we've decided to further postpone until December, 9 months from now. Two weekends are assigned, 13-14 and 20-21. Hope we'll see you then!


Lassekrog Gästgiveri Hotel & Hostel

Hotel | Double room: SEK 850, Single room: SEK 780
Hostel | Double room: SEK 250/person, Single room: SEK 315

Breakfast, dinner and sauna is available.
Booking: call +46 65 185 055  

Entry List

Later Event: January 8
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