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Swedish Championship 2017

Regatta Status: 

+ Update #1 | Feb 27th

Less than two weeks until it's time to go racing! The current ice situation in Sweden is quite typical for the season; mostly "old" ice with mixed conditions across the country and temperatures above freezing during daylight and below at night.

As always we are depending on a steady stream of new ice reports to make this event happen, all ice scouting is greatly appreciated. Please post your reports in the Facebook group or send an email to Thank you!

Next update scheduled for Friday March 3rd.

+ Update #2 | Mar 3rd

Quick update. Still too early to know where we are going. We have quite a few alternatives and the weather (possible snowfall) will weigh heavy as a deciding factor. As soon as we feel good about a venue and forecast we will deliver the decision, hopefully we won't have too wait until the last minute.

We would also like to announce some very exciting news, 11 time world champion P-36 Karol Jablonski will run a training session on Friday March 10th for all interested sailors!

Start on the ice at 10:30 doing some racing with focus on trim and sailing technique and then a seminar about the "runner program" before dinner at the hotel. Please send an email to if you would like to attend (who wouldn't really? 😉).

+ Update #3 | Mar 6th

As usual it's tough searching and deciding on a suitable venue when the weather isn't cooperating 100%. In other words, we're are still not sure where (or if...) we're going.

These are the "facts" we know:

Hudiksvall: ⭐️

Thick ice covered by 2 cm hard frozen snow, not sailable today and probably not sailable on race weekend.

Runn, Falun: ⭐️

Thick ice covered by 2 cm hard frozen snow, not sailable today and probably not sailable on race weekend.

Storsjön, Sandviken: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Large area, thick ice, surface a mix of smooth, rough and bigger bumps. Sailable today, maybe on race weekend (depends on snow/wind).

Ekoln, Uppsala: ⭐️⭐️

Small area, thick ice, surface covered by a little snow. Sailable today, maybe on race weekend (depends on snow/wind).

Mälaren, Västerås: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Small area, thick ice, surface covered by a little snow. Sailable today, maybe on race weekend.

We're expecting reports from lake Glan, lake Roxen and lake Yngaren (all south of Stockholm) soon.

We're also expecting some snow within the next 48 hours across most of our putative venue area. How bad it'll be is hard to tell, we'll probably have to wait until Wednesday morning.

Next update scheduled for tomorrow evening Tuesday March 7th, stay tuned.

+ Update #4 | Mar 7th

Another quick update. It's been snowing over most of our putative venue area for the last 24 hours and it will continue to do so from time to time until Thursday morning when a high pressure system seems to "park" itself here and provide a more stable weather situation. Not the ideal "easy" situation as you understand...

But we have some "kind of good" news as well, lake Yngaren in Nyköping was checked today with quite good result. 20 cm thick and surface 50% clear ice, 50% snow (approx 5 cm), thank you Gunnar S-814!

It's very unlikely we'll have a positive decision before Thursday, but we'll post a status update like this one tomorrow as well. Over n' out for now!

+ Update #5 | Mar 8th

The situation hasn't improved since yesterday and it doesn't look very promising for the weekend. We'll wait with the decision until tomorrow but the chance of a postive call is very slim.

Our last viable alternatives includes Västerås and Kungsängen (Görväln), all other known locations are out (snow, cracks etc). Thank you for your patience!

+ Update #6 | Mar 9th

The race is on for lake Yngaren in Nyköping!

The recent warm weather is wearing down the snow with great effect. Lake Yngaren in Nyköping was checked as late as this afternoon and is improving by the minute.

The worst snow drifts are now 1,5 cm and will most likely disappear during tomorrow before the colder weather hits the area again, making the surface hard and dry.

To get to the course area we'll have to cross a crack (you can't sail over it safely), it will be marked with a flag and a wooden plank to walk across).

More info on launching site, accommodation etc. soon!

See you on the ice!

+ Update #7 | Mar 9th

Launching site and racing area

The launching site is a beach at 58°49’17.9″N 16°38’30.8″E . It's possible to park +30 cars on the beach itself (right by the shore) and there's also a car park next to it.

The racing area will primarily be approx 2-3 km NW of the launching site (see map above). To get there we'll have to pass an open crack, a safe passage will be assigned with flags and a wooden plank to walk across, NOT SAIL.

The ice will be quite soft/wet tomorrow Friday and we urge you (if possible) not to sail in the primary race area to prevent the creation of runner tracks which will freeze overnight and make for quite an unpleasant experience on Saturday.

IMPORTANT! It's a rather large sheet of ice and all of it hasn't been checked. A lot of it will be tomorrow, but remember to be careful. Safety first!


Sunlight Hotel, Conference & Spa, Nyköping

Single room: SEK 795 /room & night incl. breakfast

Double room: SEK 995 /room & night incl. breakfast

Call +46 155 20 50 00 or email and use promo code "DN Sweden" to get the discounted price. First come first served apply.

Hotel Clarion Kompaniet, Nyköping

Single room: SEK 980 /room & night incl. breakfast & dinner buffet

Double room: SEK 1080 /room & night incl. breakfast & dinner buffet

Call +46 155 28 80 20 or email and use promo code "DN Sweden" to get the discounted price. 10 rooms available, first come first served apply.

Registration & payment

It will be possible the enter and pay cash or via Swish during registration in the launching area.

Entry fees:

Senior: 400 kr or € 40 Junior: 100 kr or € 10

+ Update #8 | Mar 10th

Right-of-way rule test

As part of the registration all sailors need to pass a simple right-of-way rule test. To save some time we urge you to do this in advance via the IDNIYRA-EU website. When you’ve completed the test, download your certificate (or grab a screenshot from the result page) and be ready to show it at the registration desk in the launching area.

Sailing Instructions

You can download the Sailing Instructions by tapping the button near the top of this page.

Regatta Dinner

All sailors are welcome to join us for the regatta dinner at Sunlight Hotel, Conference & Spa 19:30 on Saturday. Buffet available SEK 150/person, sign up at regatta registration tomorrow morning!

Social Media

To make it easier for our friends and fans (mostly friends…😝) to follow the event we would like you to use the hashtag #dnsweden in your social media posts from this event.

See you all tomorrow!

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