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R3 & R4 / 2018

Regatta Status: ✅

+ General Information

Welcome to the DN Sweden R3 & R4 regattas, here is some information which we hope you will find useful before and during the regatta.

  • Sailing instructions // The sailing instructions are available here at Please note that we will not hand out copies at the event.
  • Parking // Park your car in a designated car park if possible. If parking in the terrain is necessary, please drive carefully and park responsibly.
  • Toilets // We rarely have access to toilets at our regattas, please act responsibly if nature calls.
  • Food // Bring your own lunch & snacks. And remeber to stay hydrated, we recommend you bring a thermos with your hot beverage of choice.
  • Trash // The goal is to leave the venue in the same or better shape than when we arrived. Please take care of your own trash and make sure nothing is left behind.
  • Our Volunteers // Perhaps our most important asset, without them we wouldn't be able to organize events like these. Please be kind to them and if you for some reason get frustrated, don't let it go over them. They are trying their best to help us. We are happy to get feedback, feel free to e-mail
  • Social Media // To make it easier for our friends and fans (mostly friends…😝) to follow the event we would like you to use the hashtag #dnsweden in your social media posts from this event. The Race Committee will also continously post information and images in the "DN Sweden" Facebook group.

+ Update #1 | DEC 29th

Less than a week until we hopefully will have the first Swedish regatta of the 2018 season.

It looks like we are heading for the area between Torsåker in the south and Hudiksvall in the north where we at the moment have a few sailable venues.

Next update on Monday, stay tuned!

+ Update #2 | JAN 1st

Quick update. We have reports of safe but snow covered ice from lake Storsjön [Sandviken] and lake Bergviken [Söderhamn].

The forecast for the next couple of days predicts temperatures on both sides of the freezing point, quite a large portion of precipitation on Thursday followed by colder weather at the end of the week. Therefore we don't expect any newly frozen ice in time for the regattas.

+ Update #3 | JAN 3rd

We are still looking at the same area as before and the forecast has not changed. The front sweeping across Thursday to Friday will decide whether or not we can go racing. Rain is good, snow is pretty bad 😉 .

Final decision tomorrow before 20:00 🙏

+ Update #4, Race is on! | JAN 4th

It's on! The regattas will if all goes well take place on lake Storsjön in Årsunda and launching site will most likely be at Årsunda Strandbad (Storsjövägen 1, Årsunda). Second option would be on the northwestern shore in Kungsgården (Korsika).

The ice is shiny and smooth with one larger (for the most part not crossable) crack between Årsunda and the small island 5 km to the north. There are also areas with "double ice", some 20 cm deep. But we are expecting them too freeze before racing starts.

The racing area will probably be on western side of the crack and it will be checked by the organizing authority tomorrow.

There is also the slight chance we will have snow tonight, but it's a risk we are willing to take considering all the other factors.

Accomodation info will follow shortly...

Have a safe journey and see you soon!

+ Accomodation

🛏 Hotel Scandic Gävle Väst

Single room: SEK 750 /room & night incl. breakfast

Double room: SEK 850 /room & night incl. breakfast

Call +46 (0)26 49 58 100, press "2" to get to the receptionist and use promo code "isjakttävling" or "iceboat race" to get the discounted price.

Entry List

Görvälns Isjaktklubb

Görvälns Isjaktklubb (Görvälns Ice Yacht Club) is based in Järfälla 20 km northwest of central Stockholm. Home venues are the bay of Görväln on lake Mälaren and the small but often early frozen lake Fysingen.


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