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R5 & R6 / 2019

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+ General Information

Welcome to the DN Sweden R5 & R6 2019, here is some information which we hope you will find useful before and during the regatta.

  • Sailing instructions // The sailing instructions are available here at Please note that we will not hand out copies at the event.
  • Parking // Park your car in a designated car park if possible. If parking in the terrain is necessary, please drive carefully and park responsibly.
  • Toilets // We rarely have access to toilets at our regattas, please act responsibly if nature calls.
  • Food // Bring your own lunch & snacks. And remeber to stay hydrated, we recommend you bring a thermos with your hot beverage of choice.
  • Trash // The goal is to leave the venue in the same or better shape than when we arrived. Please take care of your own trash and make sure nothing is left behind.
  • Our Volunteers // Perhaps our most important asset, without them we wouldn't be able to organize events like these. Please be kind to them and if you for some reason get frustrated, don't let it go over them. They are trying their best to help us. We are happy to get feedback, feel free to e-mail
  • Social Media // To make it easier for our friends and fans (mostly friends…😝) to follow the event we would like you to use the hashtag #dnsweden in your social media posts from this event. The Race Committee will also continously post information and images in the "DN Sweden" Facebook group.

+ Updates | Expected January 31st

Coming soon...

Entry List

Stockholms Isjaktklubb

Stockholms Isjaktklubb (Stockholm Ice Yacht Club) founded in 1901 is one of the oldest ice yacht clubs in the world. Today the club continues to be active and embrace the sport of ice sailing in Stockholm.

It is the home of many historical ice yachts of all sizes which members bring to the ice every winter. "Nora", the biggest ice yacht in Sweden can carry 8 people and weighs more than a 1 000 kg. 

In competitive sailing it's all about the DN and Monotype XV. Home venue is 'Stora Värtan' in the inner Stockholm archipelago 10 km north of central Stockholm.

More info at

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