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SWE Championship 2019

Regatta Status: ✅

+ General Information

Welcome to the Swedish DN Championship 2019, here is some information which we hope you will find useful before and during the regatta.

  • Sailing instructions // The sailing instructions are available here at Please note that we will not hand out copies at the event.
  • Parking // Park your car in a designated car park if possible. If parking in the terrain is necessary, please drive carefully and park responsibly.
  • Toilets // We rarely have access to toilets at our regattas, please act responsibly if nature calls.
  • Food // Bring your own lunch & snacks. And remeber to stay hydrated, we recommend you bring a thermos with your hot beverage of choice.
  • Trash // The goal is to leave the venue in the same or better shape than when we arrived. Please take care of your own trash and make sure nothing is left behind.
  • Our Volunteers // Perhaps our most important asset, without them we wouldn't be able to organize events like these. Please be kind to them and if you for some reason get frustrated, don't let it go over them. They are trying their best to help us. We are happy to get feedback, feel free to e-mail
  • Social Media // To make it easier for our friends and fans (mostly friends…😝) to follow the event we would like you to use the hashtag #dnsweden in your social media posts from this event. The Race Committee will also continously post information and images in the "DN Sweden" Facebook group.

+ Update #1 | MAR 6th

Sharpen your runners 'cause it's soon time to go racing!

It's still too early to say much about the ice conditions but we will do our best to continuously keep you updated as we progress towards the championship.

We are as always dependent on a steady stream of fresh ice reports to make it all happen, your ice scouting is greatly appreciated. Please post your reports in the this Facebook group or send an email to

We look forward to welcoming you all, wherever we'll end up!

📅 Next update at 20:00 Sunday March 10th (CET).

+ Update #2 | MAR 10th

We have gotten sailing reports from a couple of the lakes within the expected venue area during this weekend i.e. Ekoln in Uppsala and Galten in Kungsör. Very promising for next weekend!

The weather forecast is predicting some precipitation during the second half of next week, hopefully just a little bit of rain. Too early to tell...

If we feel confident about the situation, we will have a decision as early as Wednesday, else we will wait until Thursday with the final call.

📅 Next update at 22:00 Tuesday March 12th (CET).

+ Update #3 | MAR 12th

The situation has become slightly more complicated, unfortunately... There are no sailable areas large enough on lake Mälaren or lake Hjälmaren (and everything south of those are open water).

Hence we are now looking at two (or perhaps 3) possible venues further north:

  • Lake Storsjön, Sandviken
  • Lake Runn, Falun
  • (Lake Väsman, Ludvika)

A wave of precipitation will pass across them tomorrow, thus we will need some more patience before being able to make a decision.

📅 Next update as soon as possible (no later than 18:00 Wednesday March 13th (CET)).

+ Update #4 | MAR 13th | POSTPONED

We are sad to announce that the championship has been postponed to the backup weekend March 23-24th due to the current ice situation and a gloomy weather forecast.

📅 Next update at 20:00 Sunday March 17th (CET).

+ Update #5 | MAR 17th

Although there are (to our knowledge) no sailable sheets of ice large enough at the time of this update, we are hopeful the weather will cooperate the next couple of days.

Possible venues (covered by some snow at the moment):

  • Lake Storsjön [Sandviken]
  • Lake Runn
  • Lake Siljan
  • Hudiksvall

📅 Next update at 13:00 March 20th (CET).

+ Update #6 | MAR 20th

Lake Siljan and Hudiksvall are no longer considered due to recent snowfall.

Although even lake Storsjön and lake Runn are covered by 3-4 cm heavy snow, we believe it will melt and the ice will become sailable in time for the championship. But be prepared for some "interesting/soft" conditions!

The final decision will be made tomorrow when we hope to have a better picture of the situation.

📅 Next update at 13:00 March 21st (CET).

+ Update #7 [Race is ON] | MAR 21st

The event will take place on Lake Storsjön with launching site at Årsunda Beach in Årsunda (🅿️ on the map).

Google Maps link to the launching site.

At the time of this update the ice is approx. 35 cm thick, "grey" but hard and with a few shallow (2 cm) snow drifts still scattered around. We expect the snow drifts will most likely melt before the weekend but the surface might get a little softer.

An update with info about accommodation etc will follow shortly.

Safe journeys, see you soon! 🙌

alt text

alt text

+ Update #8 [NEW LAUNCHING SITE] | MAR 21st

We are changing launching site to Korsika Beach in Kungsgården due to rough non sailable ice between Årsunda and the racing area (🅿️ on the map).


Google Maps link to the new launching site.

+ Update #9 | Mar 22nd

📄 The Sailing Instructions have been published. The IceOpti class has been cancelled due to too few entries.

❗️ Also, here are a two things we want you to remember:

  • NoR 5.3 Ahead of registration, please complete the NIA Sailing Rules Test and show your results to the registrator.

  • NoR 3.3 There is mandatory attendance required at the Skippers’ Meetings.

🎟 Payment of entry fee shall be made at the registration. It is possible to pay either by cash (€1 = SEK 10) or Swish.

+ Accommodation

🛏 Hotel Scandic Gävle Väst

Single room: SEK 1011 /room & night incl. breakfast

Double room: SEK 1150 /room & night incl. breakfast

Call +46 (0)26 49 58 100, press "2" to get to the receptionist and use promo code "DN Sweden" to get a discounted price.

🛏 Hotel Scandic Gävle CH

Single room: SEK 1011 /room & night incl. breakfast

Double room: SEK 1211 /room & night incl. breakfast

Call +46 (0)26 49 58 400, press "2" to get to the receptionist and use promo code "DN Sweden"to get a discounted price.

Entry List

International Representation

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R7 & R8 / 2019
Later Event: January 4
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